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About Us

Even the best technology and a glamorous IPO are not always a guarantee for entrepreneurial success. This was the experience ayondo had to make a few years ago. In 2019, its embedding in a tightly interwoven international network ensured that one of the first internationally known German FinTechs was caught in the waters of its Asian parent's economic woes. Today, the asset portfolio of the German companies is owned by the project development and licence marketing company RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH ("RSQ"), which emerged from the social trading provider ayondo portfolio management GmbH. The company is led by two experienced managers, both of whom have many years of expertise in the banking sector.
The goal of RSQ and its partners is to revitalise the internationally renowned brand and to create a new vision of an investment community under the brand that is characterised by innovation and the latest technologies, creates added value and meets the interests and needs of both the established generation of investors and the millenials.

Kurt Ziegler

Kurt Ziegler is Managing Director of RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH. In addition to his activities, he is the managing director of DonauCapital Pure Investment GmbH ("DCPI"), DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH ("DCW") and DonauReal Beteiligung-GmbH ("DRB"). DCPI holds an asset management licence. DCW acts as a liability umbrella for investment intermediaries. DonauCapital's network comprises a large number of contractually bound intermediaries, including well-known names such as Gratisbroker, which has been marketing its neobrokerage product portfolio under the name since June 2021. In the ayondo group, Kurt Ziegler acted as managing director of ayondo portfolio management GmbH as well as Social Trading Netzwerk GmbH. Until 2017, ayondo GmbH was under the liability umbrella of DonauCapital.

Fabian John

Fabian John is Managing Director of RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH. In addition to his position at RSQ, he works as a management consultant. Fabian John is one of the pioneers of the German CFD industry. After holding various positions within DAB bank, he moved to the OTC sector at a time when it was dominated by British financial services providers. He accompanied the market entry of an Irish-based CFD provider to Germany before moving to CeFDex AG to help build up the first B2B CFD provider there. During his time at CeFDex, he took on interim responsibility for establishing the CFD division of flatex AG (flatex markets). Furthermore, as interim manager he was responsible for the revival of the CFD association. Together with Professor Dr Jens Kleine, Fabian John develops the foundations of the CFD market study. In 2014, he moved to ayondo to drive its strategic expansion. Within the ayondo group, Fabian John was responsible for the operational management of the day-to-day business (COO) of the companies based in Germany. He was a member of the management of ayondo GmbH, ayondo portfolio management GmbH, which used to be under BaFin supervision, and the joint venture Social Trading Netzwerk GmbH

ayondo Roadmap

The goal of RSQ's activities is to revitalise the ayondo brand and to help it shine again. The vision is to establish a counterweight to the companies operating in the market and to revive the ayondo spirit in the market with fresh ideas, a loyal network of networks and strong partners. The "new" ayondo brand is not only intended to return to its old strength, but also to fully exploit the possibilities of digitalisation combined with the desire for interaction within the community in order to endow the concept of social trading with new perspectives.

No financial services are provided under the ayondo label. RSQ is the owner of ayondo's trademark and IP rights, among other assets. RSQ acts as a project development company and manages the development of the brand portfolio. In doing so, the company works closely with renowned law firms and auditing companies. The DonauCapital Group advises RSQ on issues relevant to supervisory law.

Thanks to its many years of experience in setting up start-up structures as well as its comprehensive expertise in supervisory law specialist areas, RSQ develops new products and solutions together with its partners, including in the premium and institutional environment.



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