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In this section, the ayondo editorial team publishes exciting topics on current trends and developments in the financial market.

The capital market - an El Dorado for black sheep?

18 November 2022
Investing money on the stock exchange is fraught with risk. Everyone should know that. But any dangers have long since ceased to result from price fluctuations alone. After all, there is hardly any other place where similarly large sums of money are turned over as is the case on the global markets. This increasingly brings fraudsters onto the scene, who rob unsuspecting and usually gullible investors of their hard-saved money through constantly changing and ever more sophisticated systems. It has therefore never been more important to acquire a solid basic knowledge of common scams in order to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

From the beginning until today - how stock exchange trading learned to walk

04 November 2022
Perhaps the VOC share was even a hot tip once - even without chart technology or other buy signals. In any case, the share certificate of the United East India Company - the full name of the Dutch company - from 1603 is the first tradable share of modern times and is correspondingly popular among collectors. However, the company bosses at the time would never have imagined the rapid developments that the stock market would later take. This is quite a challenge for investors, as they are the ones who have to filter information in ever shorter periods of time and make decisions based on it. In the meantime, investors are supported by a variety of tools, some of which are automated. But this was not always the case. This article will show you the possibilities that existed for gaining knowledge and investing in general even before the sweeping triumph of the internet.

Investments - Growing influence of social media

21 October 2022
They are springing up like mushrooms: When scrolling through social media, it is hard to imagine life without them - so-called (F)influencers. In the social networks, they provide information about finance, investments or the stock market and are met with lively interest, especially among young users. But how trustworthy is this particular species of supposedly experienced investors really? What qualifies them to share knowledge about sometimes highly complex issues and not infrequently high-risk products with others? Is it real expertise, entertainment or just self-promotion? A closer look behind the scenes seems advisable in any case.

Financial investments - thinking outside the box

07 October 2022
Savings books, shares, real estate - they all have one thing in common. Germans are more or less happy to invest their capital in these forms of investment. Against the background of persistently high inflation, it seems only logical to look for the most profitable investments possible. But only very few dare to think outside the proverbial box. Yet there are interesting possibilities for investing one's own capital far away from conventional bank products and the hustle and bustle of the stock markets. We have summarised these exclusively for you below.

Green Finance - more than a fad?

21 September 2022
Sustainability. Hardly any other word has gained such importance in recent years. In the meantime, there is talk of sustainability in almost every area of life, always in a slightly different context. However, another development is unmistakable. The topic of sustainability has also, and especially, brought new impulses to the financial sector. The term, which is often used synonymously with "green" or "ecological", is not clearly defined. This poses definitional difficulties, especially with regard to financial investments and the at least equally popular term "green finance".