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Author: Editorial Team Ayondo
Published on: 07 October 2022

Financial investments - thinking outside the box

Savings books, shares, real estate - they all have one thing in common. Germans are more or less happy to invest their capital in these forms of investment. Against the background of persistently high inflation, it seems only logical to look for the most profitable investments possible. But only very few dare to think outside the proverbial box. Yet there are interesting possibilities for investing one's own capital far away from conventional bank products and the hustle and bustle of the stock markets. We have summarised these exclusively for you below.

#1 Digital currencies

Due to the hype of the last few years, Bitcoin, Ether and Co. have of course become anything but insider tips. Here you could quickly make profits and high returns, provided you were prepared to take the corresponding risk. Even today, the volatility should by no means be underestimated, which tends to make cryptocurrencies rather uninteresting for risk-averse investors. On the other hand, the potentially high profits within short periods of time are tempting. Due to the wide range of fluctuations, it is essential to monitor one's own positions as much as possible on a daily basis.

#2 Crowdinvesting

The principle behind this is easy to explain. Several investors join forces and finance a specific project through their contributions, from which they hope to receive a certain return. The fact that it is often possible to invest as little as €500 also makes crowdinvesting interesting for those who would like to start out with smaller amounts of money in the big world of investment. Of course, the risk involved must always be taken into account and, if possible, brought into line with individual circumstances.

#3 Green Bonds

Above all, the topic of sustainability in investments has emerged in recent years and now seems to be here to stay. Green bonds are bonds that make their capital available for particularly climate-friendly projects. Compared to other forms of investment, green bonds enjoy the reputation of being a relatively safe investment, although here, too, exceptions prove the rule. It is important to note, for example, that greenwashing is often practised, in which the consideration of individual aspects is merely pretended for marketing reasons, but not actually implemented.

#4 High quality spirits

It should come as no surprise that supermarket wine is less suitable as a capital investment. Nevertheless, it is possible to earn money with a fine drop - provided a certain expertise and attention to various factors are present. In recent years, whiskey has also emerged as a proven investment vehicle with a lot of potential.
In October 2019, for example, a bottle of Macallan whiskey sold for a whopping 1.68 million euros at Sotheby's, the famous London auction house. Rum is also becoming increasingly popular in this respect, which is certainly due in large part to the continuous increase in value. So if you want to play in this field, here's an additional tip - rum from the Caribbean is particularly popular among connoisseurs.

#5 Rare collectibles

Real collectors are willing to pay sometimes astonishing sums. But to actually make a profit with comic books or exclusive sneakers, you need a great deal of knowledge about current trends as well as really rare copies. First editions, for example, have achieved high sales prices in the past. In addition, the state of preservation plays an essential role. After all, who wants to hold ruined pages in their hands, despite an exciting plot? Worn shoe soles are also likely to go down less well. Country-specific conditions must also be kept in mind for this very special type of investment.

#6 Stamps

Have you ever heard of the Blue Mauritius? It is not an exotic underwater plant or even a mythical creature, but rather the most valuable stamp in the world. By now, you would have to pay around one million euros for it. But that is hardly surprising, since there are only twelve stamps left in the world. Anyone who wants to start trading in stamps should have a lot of knowledge and definitely also patience. In general, it should be pointed out that this traditional market is now declining.

#7 Oldtimer

Considering the sometimes-rapid loss in value of new cars, the exact opposite development for many classic cars seems almost paradoxical. In fact, record-breaking prices are now being paid for old and well-preserved classic cars. Of course, it is advantageous if the vehicles have never been involved in an accident and still have a registration. If this is not the case, negative consequences must often be expected in the valuation. Mercedes-Benz models of the past decades are in high focus.

The short conclusion towards the end

As has been shown, it does not always have to be the classic shares, funds or real estate to invest one's money profitably. It can definitely be worthwhile to think outside the box. Nevertheless, there should always be a degree of common sense and perhaps even a little mistrust. Unfortunately, there are still many black sheep in less regulated areas. These are primarily interested in their own profits, but not those of the investors. So it is never wrong to take a close look. Apart from that, the stock market naturally also offers good opportunities for capital preservation.
Risk note: Every financial commitment on the capital market offers opportunities but is also associated with risks depending on the product features. As a rule, higher opportunities correspond to higher risks, which under certain circumstances can lead to a total loss. Only invest in financial products that you understand how they work and that fit your risk profile. On the other hand, avoid complex products or those that are associated with considerable risks. Only invest capital that you can afford to lose. Diversify your portfolio.