If you regularly read financial news or follow the markets, you have probably heard of "stock indices". Some of the best known are the Dow Jones (DJIA), S&P 500, DAX 40, FTSE 100, which are bought and sold in short-term day trading, medium-term swing trading or long-term position trading.

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Index trading for traders with high demands

Domestic stock indices are regarded as a valid gauge of the constitution of a country's economy. The forecasts of market participants, expressed in terms of confidence, caution or even pessimism, can be seen on a daily basis in the development of share prices. The forecasts of market participants, which are expressed in terms of confidence, caution or even pessimism, can be seen on a daily basis in the development of share prices. While medium- and long-term oriented investors set other priorities in the implementation of investment strategies, it is mainly day traders who want to participate in short-term ups and downs.

International reference indices

The performance of stock indices can be tracked using various financial instruments. In the case of contracts for difference, pricing is based on the respective reference index. Price movements can be tracked in real time. Trading strategies can be geared to both falling ("short") and rising ("long") market movements. The variable margin offers the possibility to use leverage effects as well as to act completely without leverage. The trading of fractionals as fractions of integer notional amounts is possible via mini and micro contracts.

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