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Precious metals are seen as a way to counter rising inflation. One of the reasons for this is that precious metals generally tend to maintain their value over the long term, even when inflation is rising. Unlike currencies or paper money, precious metals have limited availability and cannot be easily printed or multiplied. Therefore, they often retain their intrinsic value.

In times of economic uncertainty or political turmoil, portfolios are rebalanced. If the outlook clouds over and causes turmoil in the financial markets, and confidence in the stability of currencies declines, investors often look for supposedly robust and safe forms of investment. Precious metals are seen as a safe haven due to their long-standing acceptance and general confidence in their value.  These and other characteristics make precious metals attractive to investors seeking to protect and diversify their assets.

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Precious metals - The charm of a particularly attractive investment

Precious metals trading is becoming increasingly popular among traders and investors. Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are considered safe havens in times of economic uncertainty. They offer protection against inflation and currency fluctuations. Precious metals have limited availability and high demand, resulting in potentially attractive returns. Trading in precious metals provides broad portfolio diversification. The market for precious metals is liquid and allows traders to make trades quickly. In addition, precious metals often offer high stability of value over long periods of time.

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Participation in the performance of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver is possible in various ways. A popular form, especially among active traders, is trading via contracts for difference. This is a financial derivative that faithfully reflects the price of the underlying asset. This transparency, combined with the possibility of aligning strategies to rising or falling quotations, with or without complete leverage, contributes to a high level of acceptance and ultimately to the popularity of the products.


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Portfolio diversification or hedging can go a long way to cushion investments against price declines.

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