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Short Selling Alert: Kintbury Capital LLP

Message date: 12th July 2024

Termsheet of the Shortselling Transaction

As a result of the registered transaction decreased the share of the short position changed from 0,65% to 0,59%. Within the transaction history, this is the 21st adjustment of the short position since the initial commitment of 4th May 2020.
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Nineteen (19) companies specializing in short selling have Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide on their short-selling radar. The total share of all short selling positions is 8,67%. The largest share is held by Kintbury Capital LLP with 0,59%.
Weighting of the position within the overall ranking: 2265

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SSR reporting for: 12th July 2024

Short Selling Radar (Europe)

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ID Logo ISIN Short Seller Share Short Price Position Registered for Chart ChatGPT B/S
1 DE0005773303 Kintbury Capital LLP 0,59% decreased 12th July 2024 B/S
2 DE0005773303 Balyasny Europe Asset Management LLP 0,48% decreased 9th December 2022 B/S
3 DE0005773303 AHL Partners LLP 0,49% decreased 21st October 2022 B/S
4 DE0005773303 Millennium Capital Partners LLP 0,43% decreased 31st January 2022 B/S
5 DE0005773303 AQR Capital Management, LLC 0,49% decreased 25th August 2021 B/S
6 DE0005773303 Citadel Advisors LLC 0,49% decreased 7th May 2021 B/S
7 DE0005773303 BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited 0,47% decreased 23rd February 2021 B/S
8 DE0005773303 ExodusPoint Capital Management, LP 0,48% decreased 19th November 2020 B/S
9 DE0005773303 Marshall Wace LLP 0,47% decreased 27th October 2020 B/S
10 DE0005773303 Sandbar Asset Management 0,49% decreased 20th October 2020 B/S
11 DE0005773303 Citadel Europe LLP 0,49% decreased 6th October 2020 B/S
12 DE0005773303 GLG Partners LP 0,49% decreased 16th September 2020 B/S
13 DE0005773303 EXANE ASSET MANAGEMENT 0,46% decreased 17th July 2020 B/S
14 DE0005773303 Lansdowne Partners (UK) LLP 0,48% decreased 5th February 2020 B/S
15 DE0005773303 Route One Investment Company, L.P. 0,44% decreased 18th April 2017 B/S
16 DE0005773303 BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, National Association 0,46% decreased 25th November 2016 B/S
17 DE0005773303 UBS Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd 0,50% decreased 22nd June 2015 B/S
18 DE0005773303 Lansdowne Partners Limited 0,47% decreased 25th March 2014 B/S
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