Short selling - Short Selling Radar (SSR) - Advanced statistics

This overview shows the companies that appear on the Short Selling Radar for the first time. The information is based on the reporting registers of the individual countries. They are grouped by year and quarter. The reporting date shows the day on which the short selling report was registered. In this constellation, it is always the opening of a reportable position.

If you follow this link, you will be taken to the main page of the Short Selling Radar (SSR). From there you can access further information and statistics on short selling activity.

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The difference to the Ultimate is that companies listed here may have already reached the reporting threshold in the past. It could be that another hedge fund already holds a position or that the company has fallen out of the data collection due to the reduction of a position below the reporting threshold. Infinion, which first appeared here in March 2024, can serve as an example here. If you switch to the overview of positions <0.50%, you can immediately see the delimitation.

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