The best talents

... perhaps a somewhat unorthodox call, but possibly exactly what the world of tomorrow needs to master the challenges of the future. RSQ is looking for talents with a hands-on mentality, who are hungry for new things, who like to acquire knowledge autodidactically and who do not let themselves be made nervous even by unfamiliar terrain. We welcome team players with all-round skills, masterminds from information technology, IT security, stock market trading, software development, interface management, deep learning and artificial intelligence, and usability experts, super-brains in marketing, social media and, quite classically, product development. Our focus is on future technologies, where solutions in the financial market and FinTech are only one of many areas of the economy to which we strategically dedicate ourselves.

As a digital company, remote work is a matter of course for us.

We offer executives from the trading sector who have always toyed with the idea of reorienting themselves the opportunity to contact RSQ's management directly and discreetly. Please use the contact address

Ready for something new?

Are you looking for a new challenge? Then you might be in the right place. We have big ambitions and are looking for the most creative and innovative people to help us achieve our ambitious growth targets.

If you are enthusiastic, like an innovative work environment and want to contribute your skills to create something great, then ayondo is the right place for you. 

We are looking for people with heart and mind who put their skills and expertise at the service of the user. Please let us know if you are particularly good at something that represents added value for you and others. We are less interested in studies or over-optimised link-in profiles - we look at what you are really good at.

It is a good prerequisite, but not a must-have, if you have already been active in the industry in which ayondo provides its services to users. Feel free to contact us if you are particularly good at something. Convince us, and we may soon welcome you to our team.

To Teccies and Coders
Feel free to provide us with a link to your GitHub profile and/or describe and briefly what annoying problem you found a solution for

To trading system programmers
If you are an expert in MetaQuotes Language ("MQL") and have already successfully developed indicators, add-on tools or MQL-based EAs, feel free to present your work to us.

To blockchain experts:
If you have been affected by the bursting of the crypto bubble, tell us how you would like to help us develop a better, more resilient and, above all, more trustworthy ecosystem of digital currencies

To Ethical Hacker:
Red teaming experts take note. We are in an advanced phase of building a cyber security unit. For further expansion, we are looking for enthusiasts who would like to support us.

Freelancers can also get in touch with us - we always have something to do for the best talents.

A proactive application is possible at any time and goes through the same procedure as a job application that comes from the company. Anyone convinced that he or she could contribute to our company with expertise or practical experience is motivated to convince us that you are the right person for the job. (Read More)