Advanced Index Tools ('AIT')

The Index-Tool family continues to grow. Here, interested parties can find a wide range of user-friendly information on the most popular stock market barometers. The range of information also includes commodities, precious metals, exchange rates and digital currencies. From the dashboard, you can access price histories or the popular all-time high timelines at the click of a mouse. In addition, you can look forward to a number of functions that deserve the attribute "unique selling point".

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Price histories are very popular with investors and the fan base continues to grow. The highs of leading stock market barometers exert a special kind of fascination. The all-time highs of the DAX, FTSE, EUROSTOXX, DOW JONES, NASDAQ and S&P can be viewed quickly and easily by interested investors in chronological order using the index tools provided here.

The tool family continues to grow. Some new features are on the developer roadmap and will be made available for free use in the coming weeks. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. The submission of suggestions for improvement that are incorporated into the implementation will be rewarded. It pays to be part of the ayondo community.


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Useful information on securities, including technical analysis and AI profiling. All free of charge.

SSR Europe - the ultimate info hub for tracking hedge fund short selling activity.

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Crypto Currencies

New all-time highs in sight? Or in reverse gear? Find out & Follow prices live.

Precious Metals

Participate in rising or falling prices. Invest in precious metals with and without leverage. 4 trading platforms and a variety of useful additional tools.

Soft Commodities

Cocoa, coffee, orange juice - for breakfast or as an asset class. Click here to find out more.


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