Knowledge is power

Every investment involves risks. The probability of being led astray by insecurity, nervousness, wrong advice or FOMO to make decisions that later have to be assigned to the category "paid dearly" is high, especially for inexperienced investors.
Investing means continuous training
Never take risks that you cannot assess
Find mentors and coaches, train with virtual money, test your ability with manageable stakes
We welcome skilltrader® as a new partner for the development of our e-learning section.

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Well educated investors make better decisions

Together with selected partners, ayondo is building one of the most comprehensive e-learning areas. We want you to protect your investments and stay calm even in turbulent market phases. We see our activities and those of our cooperation partners as part of what the German financial supervisory authority (Source) recently described as "strengthening financial knowledge at the point of sale".

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1 Recommended reading on financial education OECD/INFE 2020 International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy