Important information:
Please understand that we only subject requests to further examination if they are complete and we can come to the conclusion on the basis of the information submitted that the legal, technical, personnel and organisational framework conditions are given as a basis. Furthermore, we would like to point out that onboarding follows a standardised Know-Your-Customer ("KYC") process, which is defined by various requirements, including compliance regulations.

Requests for cooperation

ayondo offers a variety of interesting cooperation opportunities in the institutional area, which can vary depending on the business model and strategic orientation. The models range from marketing to technology partnerships. In special constellations, there is the possibility of developing products and services in a targeted manner. A key advantage of working with ayondo is that the company has technological know-how, stock market expertise and comprehensive regulatory expertise, from which every new partner benefits directly. ayondo has built up a dense network of loyal partners since 2008 and is striving to expand this further. Within the company itself, experienced managers are committed to providing the best possible service for users of the service.

Companies interested in opportunities for cooperation in the areas of product development, digitalisation, innovations, technologies or marketing are welcome to contact us.

In principle, we will consider any form of cooperation that brings added value for the ayondo community. That is our aspiration, and we want to live up to it. The partners we work with share our philosophy.