Commodities offer a wide range of investment opportunities that enable diversification and portfolio optimization. By investing in this asset class, assets can be diversified across different sectors, reducing the risk associated with concentrating on individual stocks or bonds.

Commodities represent an attractive opportunity to participate in global trends and economic developments. Demand for commodities is driven by various factors such as population growth, urbanization and industrial expansion. The inclusion of commodities in investment strategies allows private investors to benefit from growth trends and potentially generate attractive returns. What is valued is the liquidity of the market. Many commodity markets are open around the clock, and pricing is transparent, offering the opportunity to make trades at almost any time, react quickly to market movements, and adjust positions as needed.


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Participate in the development of commodity prices

The demand for raw materials continues unabated. Purchase prices on the world markets are driven by demand. Trading largely takes place on internationally renowned commodity futures exchanges, where buyers and sellers negotiate the price at which a barrel of oil or a ton of copper will find new customers in the future. Price developments can fluctuate depending on political or economic conditions. In addition, the currency correlation plays a significant role in whether an available raw material can be ordered at a lower price or at a higher acquisition cost.

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While only institutional market participants are active on the commodity futures exchanges and determine the prices, there are now opportunities for private investors and traders to participate in the performance. Contracts for difference (CFDs) mirror the prices on the futures exchanges and make them tradable. It is possible to align investment strategies to rising and falling commodity prices. In addition, hedging transactions can be used to cushion currency risks. Whereas for a long time these financial products were used primarily by traders with a short-term orientation, today even target groups outside the sector, from small craft businesses to housing associations and mineral oil distributors, are looking at alternatives that can be used to hedge continuously rising prices, at least in part.

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The information displayed in the widgets are price indications. If you want to follow the price movements in real time or invest in the asset classes commodities yourself, you have here the possibility to do so. Important Note: Before committing your own capital, always remember that high return opportunities are always matched by corresponding risks. Financial commitment should not follow an all-in approach.

Portfolio diversification or hedging can go a long way to cushion investments against price declines.

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