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On this page we have compiled information that is important for the use of the website and its subpages, the content and functions, services or products offered. The brief description shows you which topics have been covered. The respective links will take you directly to the relevant information with a click of the mouse. Please note that all content that is not in German is a translation. If you have any questions that require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at
The traditional brand ayondo® stands for an innovative business model that is characterized in particular by its unique technology...

An imprint serves as a provider identification to make it clear to website users who is responsible for the content of a website on the Internet...

Our development department has been working at full speed for months on the new generation of social trading technology. The roadmap provides an initial insight into ...

On this page we provide users of our information service with information on regulatory aspects ...

Code of Conduct
We are convinced that the basis of a service should be based on legally correct, ethical and social behavior. We have developed a code of conduct for our company as a framework of values in which we describe the key principles of our ethical and value-based foundation.

Dealing with conflicts of interest
We attach great importance to consumer protection in all our business activities. One of the core elements is the transparent handling of information. The disclosures on conflicts of interest show how we proceed in the provision of our services.

Our cooperation partners
We work in various areas with companies that act as service partners, from whom we purchase services or who are part of our service chain. You can find a list of selected partners here.

As it is not always immediately apparent who the direct service provider is for a particular service, this page shows you transparently who our cooperation partners are and for which sub-area they are responsible.

How you can reach us
In this overview, we provide our visitors with an overview of important contact addresses that users of our services can use to quickly and conveniently address their specific concerns.

Terms of use (website)
In our terms of use (website), we set out the basis on which we offer our service and how it should be used. As the operator of the website, we define a simple and easy-to-understand set of rules that apply equally to providers and users.

Terms of use(user account)
In addition to the public area, which is available to all visitors to the website, further terms of use apply. These relate to the user account, which is available to people who have registered with us. Terms of use (account) supplement the terms of use (website).

Privacy policy
Users of our website can find out how we collect and process data from the data protection information ("DSHW"). We recommend that all visitors to our website familiarize themselves with this before using the content provided by us.

Cookie policy
The cookie policy ("CRLN") is part of the information on data protection. The CRLN explains how we use cookies and for what purpose these technologies are used.

Cookie tables
If you would like to receive further information on data protection, we provide an overview of the cookies and similar technologies used by our website here.

Company news
We publish company news to inform interested parties about new products, services or partnerships. News relating to strategic development can be accessed via linked press portals.

The short line to the compliance officer
If you are not satisfied with a service provided by us, there are various ways in which you can address your concerns to us.

Anyone who is familiar with the ayondo brand has an immediate image in mind and knows the successful business concept associated with it. Innovation, high technology, FinTech and regulation are associated with ayondo. Ayondo stands for Made in Germany and, like no other company, has shaped an industry that has become an integral part of the modern financial world. What only a few people are probably aware of is that the brand's charisma was transferred to companies in order to benefit from its popularity. In this context, the ayondo brand made it all the way to a listing on a public stock exchange.

Copyright information
In various places on our website you will find image material which, unless it is the intellectual property of ayondo, originates from image databases for which we have acquired licenses. Furthermore, content on our website refers to third-party trademarks that are subject to copyright.

exAnte pre-cost transparency
Interested persons can use various services via ayondo, including those of selected cooperation partners. If these are financial transactions and are executed on real money accounts, they are naturally associated with costs. We explain the background and further correlations derived from the topic.

Product Governance - Target Market Definition
Financial products must be produced and distributed responsibly in accordance with the rules of product governance. In this section, ayondo provides information on the most important issues that are relevant for consumers.

Risk warnings
When it comes to implementing trading strategies, trading in derivative financial instruments offers a wide range of individual design options that other product classes lack. The flexible use and opportunities are associated with risks that users should familiarize themselves with in advance.

Notes on the integration of artificial intelligence
ayondo's development is closely linked to technological innovation. Since the company was founded, the brand has stood for digitalization, progress and disruption. We are open to new developments and want to put them at the service of the ayondo community. This also applies to the topic of artificial intelligence. As early as February 2023 ...

A note on our own behalf
Transparency is a high priority at ayondo. Trust is a fundamental pillar of every customer and business relationship and we make every effort to live up to our understanding and standards. Fair customer treatment is not just a buzzword for us. We follow ethical principles that guide our actions.

If you are missing any information in this section, please let us know. We will check your request and include any questions in our FAQ section or add information to the relevant facts.

Clear and verifiable statements are important for consumers. We know that this is not always possible. A regrettably far too large number of sources on the Internet present half-heartedly researched information. Journalism suffers from the fast pace of our times. There is little room for in-depth research and so it is in the nature of things that complex issues are not reduced to a simple denominator when viewed from the outside.

If you are interested in ayondo and have questions about the community, technology, our cooperation partners, available and future products and services, we would like to encourage you to approach us to answer them. This is a matter of course for us.