A warm welcome!
The best should be just good enough. And so it is. The internationally award-winning investment firm ActivTrades is new exclusive trading partner for the ayondo community. We look forward to working together and all that we want to achieve together in the future.

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Visionaries at eye level

We are very proud that we have succeeded in winning one of the most renowned financial service providers for a cooperation. The alliance of two internationally positioned, highly innovative and award-winning companies is unique in this form. The best thing about it is that not only the ayondo customer base benefits from the joint venture, but all interested parties who open a trading account with our partner via ayondo. Of course, our offer also applies to all traders and investors who have always entertained the idea of switching to a company based in mainland Europe.
Why might our offer be of interest to you?

You can build on the expertise of two companies with more than 35 years of combined experience. The management consists of smart and far-sighted leaders who make strategic decisions in the interest and for the benefit of the customers.

ActiveTrades + ayondo = potential GameChanger?

The choice of the right trading partner is often the result of a multitude of subjective individual criteria on which a decision is based. In the best case, this results in a long-lasting customer relationship in which all parties participate in a balanced way. What are the reasons for thinking outside the box? We would be happy to tell you the criteria that ultimately convinced us in a direct comparison of selected industry representatives. There may also be one or two aspects that you have not yet considered in this form.

Hard Facts Company
  • Successfully represented on the market for over 20 years
  • European Roots, European Mindset
  • EU location on the European mainland
  • Very good reputation
  • Internationally positioned group of companies
  • ESMA regulated, authorised to offer financial services in the UK and internationally
  • High compliance standards, equal regulations for all Group entities
  • Complementary business models
  • Safeguarding client accounts up to 1 Million Pound
  • Annual audit by one of the 4 leading auditing firms
  • Many international awards in different categories

The above overview could be extended. However, we would like to mention a few aspects that convinced us through targeted provider screening and mystery shopping:

  • Well over 100,000 active customers place their trust in the company
  • Attractive conditions for retail, B2B and corporate customers
  • Customer Life Time Value is significantly above the industry average
  • Excellent standing in the market, rating portals that make customer feedback visible show a high score
  • Internationally positioned group of companies, with local experience and native speakers/li>
  • Excellent customer service, competent and available 24/5. For international customers, customer service representatives are available for 14 language regions.
  • Clients have access to two of the most popular applications for trading on the markets in a diversified technology portfolio, as well as new state-of-the-art trading software, which was developed in-house and with client needs in mind.
  • The company invests significantly more than the industry average in training and further education
  • Accounts for Professional Investors (MiFID) and Interest-Free Accounts ("Sharia", "Swap-free")
  • Active customer relationship management in all customer-related media, such as popular social networks, but also through presence at on-site events, seminars, trade fairs, info-days.

Should you take our arguments as a reason to want to make up your own mind about the trading partner, we can give you a few more interesting considerations that you can include in your personal decision-making process.

Who via ayondo opens a trading account, receives an additional virtual trading account on request, e.g. for testing trading strategies or systems, which is unlimited in duration. For all accounts that are managed both virtually and in real money, there are a variety of options for adapting the systems precisely to one's own needs. Among other things, customers registered with ayondo can access the following innovative solutions:

  • Determination of the account currency
  • Freely definable capitalisation for virtual accounts
  • Freely selectable lever
  • Fractionals trading available
  • Mini & Micro Lots/Contracts Trading
  • Entry to trading with real money possible from €500, on request and for live tests also below this amount
  • Use of Expert Advisor possible
  • For application developers API access
  • Same day payouts
  • ....

Customers registered with ayondo are also given the opportunity to Product proposals submit. Trading system developers and signal providers can qualify for the Key Option Leader ("KOL") programme, which is one of the essential foundations for the new generation of the trading strategy marketplace planned for Q3/2023.

New exciting functionalities are also being worked on for followers. The social trading technology 'Wetrade' developed by ayondo is being expanded to include interfaces that will enable the popular subscription of trading strategies and implementation on the part of partner companies.

Signal providers are already welcome to register for the KOL programme. In the future, there will also be solutions for Managed Accounts / Managed Strategies. For this, ayondo is currently undergoing a similar screening and selection process in order to provide users of our platform with the most suitable partner.

ayondo is also active in the area of product development. For example, if you have developed a successful strategy and would like to turn it into an exchange-traded product ("ETP"), our experts will support you in this endeavour.

A special service that is unique in the industry - The ayondo guarantee promise

Should you ever have a problem with one of our business partners, you are welcome to describe the facts to us in order to find an amicable solution together. We will gladly stand up for your concerns and mediate between you and the service provider where the problem occurred.

If you prefer not to register with ayondo - no problem. You can use the two QR codes below to quickly and conveniently go directly to the provider. We would be pleased if you register with ayondo beforehand, as only then can we communicate with you. Here you can go to the Registration with ayondo.