ActivTrades Mission

Large companies are born to meet a specific need. ActivTrades was founded more than twenty years ago with one goal: to provide the best trading conditions to all traders, beginners, and experts.

Times change and we changed together with them. ActivTrades started as a Forex broker with the aim of providing easier access to the global trading markets. Over the course of twenty years, we have become bolder in cultivating our dream of providing an exceptional trading experience to our client base that has become increasingly diverse.

We have introduced several SmartTools for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, tools that provide a better overview of the market and help create a comprehensive trading plan. We have also launched our trading platform, ActivTrader, to meet the growing need for a native, intuitive, and robust trading solution from the younger generation of traders. With the integration of the world's most popular charting software, ActivTrades has reached a milestone in the further development of its cloud trading offering.

From a Forex-only broker we have quickly transformed into a multi-asset online broker that offers lightning-fast execution, unbeatable spreads, and unrivalled customer and educational service in the industry. Our mission is to bring innovation to all products by offering cutting-edge technology, 24/7 customer support and a broad knowledge base to our customers, who continue to grow worldwide.

The future knows no boundaries. You could say the same about us. We are already working on the next generation of trading solutions to connect and improve the way thousands of clients trade on desktop and mobile devices.

Alex Pusco

Founder and CEO of ActivTrades

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An offer with everything you need for trading

Increased deposit protection beyond legal requirements - additional insurance* up to €1,000,000
Wide range of asset classes tradable with CFDs on Forex, Indices, Bonds, Commodities, Stocks and ETFs
Exceptional customer support service, available 24/7 via chat, email and phone
A variety of trading platforms for traders with different trading needs and strategies. All platforms are available in desktop, web and mobile versions.
Fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals with different payment options
Live training with our experts and experienced traders

* * *


The most traded market in the world

The currency market is the world's largest financial market by volume, with $ 5 trillion traded per day.
With ActivTrades you can trade more than 50 currency pairs including exotic pairs. Our clients only pay the spread for each executed order. Our software ensures that you always get the best price available, even in times of high volatility.
Precious Metals
EURUSD 0.5 Pip AUDUSD 0.6 Pip TRYJPY 5.9 Pip GOLD 25 Pip
GBPUSD 0.8 Pip AUDCAD 1.7 Pip USDHUF 22.4 Pip New PLATINUM (spot) 350 Pip
EURGBP 0.8 Pip SGDJPY 2.9 Pip USDMXN 24.9 Pip
CADJPY 1.1 Pip AUDNZD 3 Pip USDNOK 27.9 Pip

* * *

Indices, Bonds, and Commodities

No commissions or hidden costs

ActivTrades CFDs, or "Contracts for Difference", faithfully replicate the performance of futures on the respective underlying assets and offer traders the opportunity to trade both up and down.

* * *

Indices and Bonds

Some of ActivTrades CFDs on stock indices are available in two versions: the Forward version, i.e. with an expiration date, and the Cash version (i.e. based on the current spot price), which does not require the transition to the next contract when the previous one has expired. The two versions also differ in tick value, denomination and point value. This gives you the option to choose the CFD that best suits your trading strategy.

The world's leading major indices are available, such as the DAX, the Dow Jones, the S&P500 and the Nasdaq100 as well as various other national indices. You can also trade on government bonds such as the Bund.

* * *

Raw Materials

ActivTrades CFDs on Commodities include metals, energy and soft commodities based on their respective futures markets. CFDs offer greater flexibility in trading volumes and margins used.

* * *

Our Spreads

S&P 500 0.25 Points S&P 500 0.23 Points BUND 0.02 Points NGAS 0 Point
DAX 40 0.5 Points DAX 40 0.75 Points BOBL 0.02 Points OIL 0.03 Points
NASDAQ 0.5 Points NASDAQ 0.23 Points T-BOND 0.06 Points WHEAT 1 Point

* * *

Stocks and ETFs

Trade CFDs on Stocks and ETFs with commissions from 0€

CFDs on Shares reflect the official market price of the underlying securities and allow traders to speculate directly on the rise and fall in the prices of the shares themselves, without owning the underlying. With ActivTrades you can choose from more than 1000 CFDs on the shares of numerous companies listed on the major stock exchanges. CFDs on ETFs are also available, a particular type of asset that tracks the performance of an underlying asset such as an index, commodity, fixed income securities, or a basket of assets such as an index fund. ETFs allow you to balance the risk profile of an investment, as each ETF includes a set of different companies from a specific sector and lends themselves to long-term or short-term trading.

You can trade CFDs on Stocks and ETFs on our MetaTrader 5 and ActivTrader platforms.

* * *

Some of ActivTrades CFDs on Shares

Allianz Daimler Fresensius Lufthansa SAP Uniper
Bayer Deustche Telekom Fraport MorphoSys Siemens Volkswagen
BMW Dialog Semiconductor freenet Osram Software AG Zalando
BHP Biliton HSBC Holdings Alphabet IBM Anheuser Busch InBev Renault
Diageo Rio Tinto Apple Nike BNP Paribas Telephone
easyJet Royal Dutch Shell Baidu Tesla Motors Iberdrola Total
GiaxoSmithKline Vodafone eBay Visa Michelin Unilever

* * *

Some of ActivTrades ETF CFDs

iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund
Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund
No hidden cost
Trade from PC, tablet, or smartphone
Margins from 20%
Fast order execution
Ability to automate trading strategies
Possibility to invest with any capital thanks to fractional shares

Margins as low as 20% on equity CFDs

Exploiting leverage, our stock CFDs allow traders to trade the markets in both directions with margins smaller than the notional value of the transaction.

High Market Liquidity

Access to real-time quotes from the world's largest stock exchanges.

Low trading costs

When trading CFDs on shares, ActivTrades does not charge any fees for maintaining or managing the portfolio.

* * *

Commissions (0€ on all Stocks with the investor Profile)

EUROPE (Excluding London) 0.05% of the transactions value
(minimum commission 1€)
0.01% of the transactions value
(minimum commission 5€)
09:30 - 17:00
London 0.10% of the transactions value
(minimum fee £1)
09:30 - 17:00
New York (included ADR and ETF) $0.02 per share
(minimum commission $1)
15:30 - 22:00

* * *

Costs of access to the services

Europe (including London) No costs
New York (including International ADRs and ETFs) in addition to all the above markets 1€ per month

Trading Platforms

Three options to choose from


The completely revised version of ActivTrader has been designed for the needs of the modern trader. It combines ease of use and new advanced features to give you the best trading experience. This trading platform is the result of ActivTrades' ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of day trading. We have provided ActivTrader with an intuitive user interface to ensure quick and flexible access to your instruments and your order.

ActivTrader is available as an app for web browsers and mobile devices. It is equipped with a number of innovative functions:

Progressive Trailing-Stop
The progressive trailing stop helps lock in profits by defining multiple levels that subsequently narrow the trailing stop as the market moves in your direction.
Market Sentiment
The market sentiment indicator can be used by traders to make decisions by observing the behavior of other market participants.
Pullback Entry
A new type of order that allows you to enter the market at a potentially better price than using a traditional limit order, opening the position only when the market moves in your direction.
Wide variety of charts
The platform contains 14 different chart views, a variety of indicators and allows you to open and edit positions directly from the chart. The possible profit and loss of a position or order is also displayed directly in the chart.
ActivTrader also offers a variety of other tools and options, such as the Buy Again feature that duplicates a position with one click, partial order close functions to lock in partial profits, and position reversal to react quickly to trend reversals. The platform layouts can be modified according to your needs.

* * *

Trading View

Trading View charts, already integrated into Active Trader, allow users to follow conveniently the market and analyze it using a range of tools and indicators.
12 chart types including Renko, Kagi, and Point & Figure, all customizable
Up to 8 charts per tab with different features
Data and tools for financial analysis
Trade from the chart
Wide choice of timeframes, candles and axis management with synchronization function
Technical analysis tools: over 100 predefined traditional indicators. Over 50 Smart Design Tools
However, as we are constantly trying to innovate our products, we have added two more custom features that many traders require. These are the progressive trailing stop functionality and pullback orders that we consider essential for both new and experienced traders.

* * *

MetaTrader 4 and 5

Arguably the world's best-known and leading platform, MetaTrader, offers traders all the functions and tools they need to trade in a familiar interface. The original MetaTrader 4 and the subsequent MetaTrader 5 platform are designed specifically for automated trading with Expert Advisor and can be programmed by traders or equipped with add-ons available on the market and easy to use.

ActivTrades offers the "SmartOrder" tool for MetaTrader, which contains advanced order functions to optimize trading and simplify and speed up order entry. Try our other analysis tools as well:


Improved order functions for your MetaTrader with OCO orders, partial closes, time-based orders, bulk processing of multiple orders and more


Analyze chart history and identify formations to make predictions about current price trends


Calculates the statistically probable price trend using current trends and volatility

Pivot Points:

Identify the support and resistance levels prominent on the chart


Automate trading with trend lines in the chart by executing orders immediately when lines are hit

* * *

Free Training Program

Learn to trade

ActivTrades offers a number of free channels to guide you on your journey to become a professional trader. The focus is on live events such as seminars, individual training, and webinars. You will also receive fundamental analysis and daily techniques to help you stay informed and identify trading opportunities.

Webinars and individual training:

Our exclusive webinars and one-on-one training sessions combine expert advice with easy participation online or by phone. When it comes to our online events, we make sure to cover a diverse range of topics each week, from effective use of the platform to technical analysis and risk management , and offer content for all levels of experience.


The ActivTrades YouTube channel contains a comprehensive collection of videos on assorted topics such as daily market analysis, tutorials, and how-to guides.

Events and seminars:

With our seminars, we want to communicate the news and latest trends of the markets and stimulate a direct conversation with our clients and with the entire trading community.

Market Analysis:

Traders can access daily market commentary and analysis by our trading experts

* * *

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