Intellectual property expresses the fact that an immaterial intangible, in this sense 'intellectual property' (a composition, a technical invention, a trademark). trademark) is an exclusive right. The element "intellectual" serves distinction, based on the legal object, from the → ownership of real estate and real property and movable physical objects (res corporales). The term "property" refers to the fact that these are exclusive private rights that private rights effective against anyone.

Trademarks, copyright and intellectual property

All word and figurative marks used on this platform as well as licensed materials remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. The platform operator makes no claim to these trademarks and materials and uses them for reference purposes only. For the integration of visual elements relating to company profiles of listed companies, please refer to this additional information.

Wherever possible and known, the corresponding copyright notice or owner's notice is given. Should an author or rights holder be of the opinion that their rights have not been sufficiently taken into account, please contact us immediately so that we can make the appropriate corrections.

The use of publicly accessible images and images from image databases such as Shutterstock is always in accordance with the respective terms of use and license requirements.

This disclaimer serves to emphasize the platform operator's respect and regard for the copyrights and property rights of third parties. It is expressly not intended that the use of such materials on this platform should create or imply any proprietary rights in the relevant trademarks or images.

Please note that the responsibility for compliance with copyright and property rights when using content and materials provided on this platform lies with the users themselves. The platform operator cannot accept any liability for the infringement of copyrights or property rights by users of this platform.

Company/service provider Business model/area of activity Trademark/copyright Logo further information
Google Inc.
Technology provider
  • Google word mark
  • Google logo
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Services
  • Google Pixel
  • Google API
  • Google Mail
Link Link
Application developer for trading platforms
  • Apple wordmark
  • Apple logo
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • iphone
  • iTunes
Link Link
Technology company
  • Microsoft logo
  • Microsoft word mark
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft 365
Link Link
Short messaging service, social network
  • Twitter logo
  • Twitter wordmark
Link Link
Career network
  • LinkedIn logo
  • LinkedIn wordmark
Link Link
Facebook, Meta
Social network
  • Facebook logo
  • Facebook wordmark
Link Link
Social network
  • Instagram logo
  • Instagram wordmark
Link Link
Social network
  • Pinterest logo
  • Pinterest wordmark
Link Link
Streaming service, social network
  • Youtube logo
  • Youtube wordmark
Link Link
Messenger services/communication
  • WhatsApp logo
  • WhatsApp wordmark
Link Link
Messenger services/communication
  • Telegram logo
  • Telegram wordmark
Link Link
ActivTrades Plc
Financial services provider
  • ActivTrades logo
  • ActivTrades word mark
  • ActivTrader
Link Link
Application developer for trading platforms
  • Metatrader 4
  • Metatrader 5
  • MQL 4
  • MQL 5
  • Expert Advisor
Link Link
Technology provider in the field of technical analysis
  • TradingView
  • TradingView logo
  • TradingView Charts
  • Tradingview widgets
Link Link
EQS Group
Distribution service for ad hoc announcements
  • EQS Newswire
  • EQS logo
Link Link
Federal Gazette
Information service of the Ministry of Justice
  • Short sale positions
Link Link
Image database
  • Image rights
Link Link
Image database
  • Image rights
Link Link
Font Awesome
Icon database
  • Image rights
Link Link
Icon database
  • Image rights
Link Link
Listed companies
  • Company image and trademark rights
  • Word marks of the companies
Link Link
European Supervisory Authority
  • ESMA logo
  • ESMA word mark
  • ESMA Publications
Link Link
EU supervisory authorities
Supervisory authorities (National Competence Agencies, NCAs) of the individual EU states
  • Logos of the supervisory authorities
  • Wordmarks of the supervisory authorities
  • ESMA publications of the supervisory authorities
Link Link
German share index
  • Logo
  • Word mark
Link Link

Supplementary note

Respect for intellectual property is an important concern, which we would like to take into account with this disclosure. The companies, service providers, institutions or authorities listed in the table are owners of registered patents, trademarks and corresponding IP rights. The overview does not claim to be exhaustive. If a company is not listed, it should not be assumed that it has explicitly refrained from being named. We endeavor to keep this overview as up-to-date as possible. Holders of trademark rights who are not named in the overview can contact us at any time at Should there be any cause for complaint, please contact us immediately.
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