Corporate Insights

The information offered in this section provides investors, traders, and anyone interested in financial market-related topics with a variety of research options that can be a valuable and useful source for verifying underlying criteria in future investment decisions.

Director Dealings/Insider Information
Short seller activities/net short positions
Corporate news, ad-hoc news, corporate research

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Corporate news moves share prices

From here you can directly and conveniently access the various information areas. The information offer currently includes company news, information on insider transactions as well as the exposures of hedge funds and companies specializing in short selling.

Please note that the information primarily refers to the German market. On the expansion of the information is continuously worked.


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From lone fighter to part of a growing network

ayondo sees itself as a platform that bundles interests and brings like-minded people together, regardless of which motivation determines one's own actions, which investment, investment or trading strategies are implemented at which trading centers or providers. It is about interaction, knowledge building, sharing experiences, tips and advice, and directly participating in the expertise of financial professionals. The focus is not on ayondo, but on the users of the service. Community Spirit: We support newcomers who want to get their first foot in the door in a highly competitive market, as well as established companies who want to use the platform provided here to attract prospective customers for their own products, ideas and services. We even go one step further and support startups to increase their own reach.

ayondo Lab Project

The Idea Lab is a concept developed by ayondo that lends an ear to the ideas and wishes of investors with an affinity for the financial market and examines possibilities for creating added value for the entire investment and trading community from the knowledge and expertise of experts in the field. The claim of all our developments is that the information offered is oriented towards the needs of the users.

Part of our efforts is to prepare and network fragmented data from different sources in such a way that, in the best case, smarter decisions can be derived from it. Where it is possible and seems sensible, we incorporate the possibilities that artificial intelligence already offers us today.

A substantial part of the information available from here is available for free use. Registered users can benefit from additional services, such as automatic notifications. Creating a user account is free of charge. Should you be interested in premium services, corresponding options are available.