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Insider Transaction Snapshot

medondo holding AG

Directors Dealings: 19th July 2024
Reporting obligation triggered by: Müller, Ulrich
Trading volume: 100.000,00 EUR
Type: Buy

The Insider Transaction was made by Müller, Ulrich . The transaction toke place on 15th July 2024. The aggregated volume was 100.000,00 EUR, based on an average price of 1,00 EUR. The nature of the Investment was Buy.

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Directors Dealings

Director dealings are proprietary transactions by executives, which are reportable under Art. 19 MAR. The publication of these transactions is an important contribution to the prevention of insider dealing and market manipulation. In addition, knowledge of such transactions is of great importance to the market, as these transactions provide indications of management's assessment of the company's future business prospects. The information presented here relates to companies that are under the supervision of BaFin.

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