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Weighted Alpha Star Selection of the US stock exchanges NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX as well as companies listed on the London Stock Exchange

This view is the extended version of the Weighted Alpha Dashboard, which you can access here

Information on weighted alpha and the underlying concept can be found in the Knowledge Hub.

If a company displayed in the dashboard can be traded as a contract for difference, you will find information on this at the bottom right. If you see a button with the label [ CFD ], click on it. You can then access the value directly in a virtual environment and get a feel for how real-time trading works in detail. If you see a small plus sign [ + ] as a symbol, you can submit this value as a proposal for inclusion in real-time trading. Feel free to try out the function.

Please note that no substantial and reliable forecasts can be derived from historical price trends that predict possible future developments. Graphically displayed time series contain all known information that had an influence on past performance, which is visualized by the price trend. Depending on whether long (rising prices) or short (falling prices) strategies are the motivation behind any investment decisions, an in-depth analysis of the company is recommended.

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