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From this overview you can see the total weighting of net short positions (Net Short Position, "NSP") published via reporting register. The calculation is based on the transaction statistics published by the authorities or institutions. We provide extensive search and filter options to help you find information quickly. The flag symbols will take you to the country-specific views.

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Register of residents
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Rank Logo AI Company ISIN Weighting of the NSPs Notification
Total Positions Total > 0,50% = 0,50% < 0,50% 0,00 Last Date
1 888 HOLDINGS PLC GI000A0F6407 16 8,19 3,35 2,00 2,84 0,00 20.06.2024 UK B S

The content compiled in this section and all subviews are for general information. It is not an investment or other form of advice. The information has been prepared with the utmost care and accuracy. The source data originates from the respective institution or authority responsible for the publication. If you are interested in publications on net short positions related to a specific country, you can go to the individual overviews from here. Before further inclusion, e.g. in investment decisions, a validation via another source is recommended. An update is usually done EoD. In addition we want to draw the attention to the additional notes, we have compiled here.

ayondo does not guarantee the quality and timeliness of the content presented or a permanent technical availability.

Search and filter options

  • Flag icons => Filter by NSP registration/notification authority
  • A-Z => Filter by company name, Initial letter
  • Origin => Filter by country assignment of the issuer (DE = Aktiengesellschaft registered in Germany, GB = Aktiengesellschaft registered in the UK)
  • The default view shows only those items whose reporting date is not older than 90 days. By changing the filter parameters, the data histories can be extended accordingly
  • Resolved positions, if subject of the reporting reports, are not shown by default. About a change of the filter, the display is possible

Further information

Sometimes NSP reporting is done through different registries.

Some of the position recorded in the reporting statistics relate to companies that have been renamed, merged into other companies through acquisitions or mergers, or have been delisted. Multiple entries occur when reports were published across registries.

Data forensic evaluations

The calculation of the total position is based on the individual transactions contained in the reports, for which the transaction available as the last position change in each case was used. The calculation system used is based on the assumption that there have been no further transactions after that which have increased or decreased the NSP.

Data API

For market research institutes and universities there is the possibility to obtain available data as XML or JSON API. This is an enterprise solution. If you are interested, please contact us.

Integration AI

The module has an AI addon that allows you to view background information about the public companies listed here. This is a Lab feature that is experimental in nature. We refer to the information provided in the AI disclaimer. Basically, we recommend the validation of the outputted information by at least a second independent source. 

If you find this or any other tools & views user valuable, feel free to give us feedback on them. We welcome any form of feedback. If you have any suggestions for improvement, we will be very happy to receive them and see if they can be implemented.