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Receive automated stock recommendations - More than 1000 stocks are automatically valued daily after the close of trading - The valuation is based on the successful Levermann strategy - TransparentShare is listed with BAFIN as an independent provider of investment recommendations.
Simple - Become aware of stocks you don't know.
Automated - Receive automated and data-based buy and sell recommendations on a daily basis.
Profitable - Profit from the successful Levermann strategy.
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TranspaShare GmbH

The easiest way, to find the right share.

TranspaShare GmbH

The easiest way, to find the right share.


TranspaShare GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 12
69234 Dielheim

Geschäftsführer: Andreas Hauser
Commercial Register ID: 730373
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Selected views from the TransparentShare app
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Our service is currently available in the following languages: German


The easiest way to find the right stock 
TransparentShare automatically evaluates stocks with data-based key figures and recommends them to buy or sell.

Your digital stock advisor for long-term success 
Do you trust the stock recommendations of your bank advisor or other stock experts? Form your own opinion!

We make stock valuation understandable for everyone!
Our app simplifies and automates professional value investing. We help you find interesting stocks in seconds.

Automated recommendations!
We provide you with automated and data-based buy and sell recommendations on a daily basis. The valuation is objective and based on publicly available price, company and market data.

Data-based valuation without emotions
The valuation is based on data and facts. We use 12 easy-to-understand key figures for this purpose. We obtain all price, company and market data from Morningstar and

Simple and intuitive
Ease of use is our top priority. TransparentShare is available on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. 

Levermann strategy
The valuation of shares is based on the successful Levermann strategy described by Susan Levermann in her book "Der entspannte Weg zum Reichtum". Based on our many years of experience, we have optimized and automated the method. The strategy helps to find undervalued stocks that have a high probability of developing positively.

Suitable for traders
TransparentShare delivers automated buy and sell signals daily after the market closes and helps to become aware of interesting stocks. 

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How does TransparentShare work?

How does TransparentShare work?
In this video, we explain how TransparentShare works and how you can make better share decisions with our app. 

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The idea behind the app was largely inspired by the investment approach of successful fund manager Susan Levermann, which she described in her bestseller 'The Relaxed Way to Wealth'.


80,000 copies sold
Awarded the German Finance Book Prize 2011 

If you would like to get to know Susan Levermann better, we recommend this interview that TransparentShare had the pleasure of conducting with her in the summer of 2023.


TransparentShare, an innovative financial information service provider, uses the renowned Levermann Strategy1 to provide automated scoring for over 1,000 listed companies. TransparentShare automatically scores stocks using data-based metrics and recommends them to buy or sell.

Every week, TransparentShare presents three companies on ayondo for which the Levermann score indicates positive developments. Users who are interested in these companies and their offers will find valuable information here.

1 Susan Levermann - Der entspannte Weg zum Reichtum (Amazon)

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