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4th Generation - Cube Technology | Multi Asset | Multi-client capable


RSQ is driving the development of the 4th generation of marketplace technology. We want to create a vision of how people can interact better and more comfortably with each other in a virtual world, i.e. in digital ecosystems. So our intention is not to compete with the peer group or to conquer a new niche. Rather, we use innovation to achieve evolution. Especially when it comes to the "social" aspect of investing, the potential is far from exhausted. Social is clearly more than just looking over the shoulder of other investors as they interact on the financial markets. The new marketplace will be an open ecosystem, 100% digital, easy to use, without barriers to entry and unnecessary restrictions. It is consistently geared to the needs of users: Fast, secure, intuitive and reliable. A modern architecture, supported by advanced technologies, scalable and redundant. And of course: high standards in terms of compliance and corporate governance, geared towards sustainability and in line with legal and regulatory requirements.

Alpha Cube (AC)

Alpha Cube is the name for the 4th generation technology layer we are currently working on. It is being developed from scratch, but based on the experience of more than a hundred developer man-years.

Alpha Quantum (AQ)

Alpha Quantum is a special technology infrastructure that allows intermediaries to offer the marketplace technology to their own customers. It is comparable to a white label solution, but goes far beyond this concept in terms of technology and processes. The technology can be adapted to the needs of specific target and user groups.

Alpha Prime (AP)

Alpha Prime is the 4th generation enterprise solution. It is oriented towards the requirements of institutional clients in the area of digital asset management. It is our B2B offering that covers the entire life cycle of a client relationship. The system is modular and combines FinTech and RegTech solutions from e.g. onboarding/KYC to various scoring algos to Big Data analytics and business intelligence.