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ayondo is continuously expanding its information and knowledge offering. On the developer roadmap are a variety of innovative solutions that are successively rolled out. Registered users can access a range of user-value tools and functionalities from their user account. The new generation of Social Trading technology is also being worked on at full speed.

Social Networks - Wisdom of the crowd

In 2004, author James Surowiecki published "The Wisdom of Crowds," a fascinating book that explores the phenomenon that collective decisions and predictions made by large groups are often better and more accurate than those made by individual experts. Surowiecki theorizes that collective intelligence is more effective than individual knowledge under certain conditions, particularly when the group consists of diverse members who act independently and are organized in a decentralized manner. Surowiecki shows that under certain conditions-diversity of opinions, independence of decision makers, decentralization, and aggregation of information-the collective wisdom of the crowd can be used to solve problems, make predictions, and make decisions. The book emphasizes that harnessing the collective wisdom of crowds can lead to more effective outcomes in a variety of fields, including politics, business, and technology.

Surowiecki anticipated something that is now the foundations of the sharing economy. A multitude of social networks has been established, which in themselves represent a further development of previously existing structures. In the past, it was mainly discussion platforms and forums that enabled the exchange of ideas and thoughts. Later, interactions were concentrated on central platforms, which were characterized by a variety of innovative functionalities and thus quickly gained popularity.

Network idea

The trend has also stopped at the financial market. In an adapted form of the idea behind the sharing economy, a number of well-known brands have sought niches to inspire users with their - primarily technological - innovations. Among them are business models such as social investment or social trading. These are networks that provide the user community ("community") with an ecosystem that allows different interest groups to connect and network with each other. Trading and investment communities are evolving into marketplaces that allow investors to share investment strategies, ideas, and market assessments with others. The platforms provide a collaborative environment where users can learn from each other and benefit from the experience and knowledge of others. It is in this context that the concept of subscribing to trading signals has evolved.

Investment and Trading Communities

Social investment communities follow the idea that private investors in particular share their investment strategies, ideas and market assessments with each other. They provide a collaborative environment where users can learn from each other and benefit from the experience and knowledge of others. It is in this context that the concept of subscribing to trading signals has evolved.

Trading ideas from investors for investors

Trading signals are essentially recommendations or suggestions based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both. They are used to help investors identify trading opportunities in the market. Subscribing to trading signals means that investors receive signals from so-called signal providers, who are usually experienced traders or analysts with a proven track record.

Investment strategy development

Signal providers are experts who disclose their trading strategies and decisions so that other investors can use this information to make their own investment decisions. Signal providers can either provide their trading signals for free or for a fee. Usually, they receive compensation based on the number of followers who follow their signals or on the performance of their trading strategies.

Sharing on the social network

Followers are investors who subscribe to and follow the trading signals of signal providers. They can either trade manually, using the signals as a guide for their own trading decisions, or they can use automated trading platforms that execute their trading decisions directly based on the signals they receive. By following trading signals, less experienced investors can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the signal providers and thus improve their own trading skills.

Social Investing / Social Trading

Tracking trading signals allows investors to benefit from the experience and strategies of experienced traders, and encourages collaboration and information sharing within the community. Signal providers and followers play a central role in this process, sharing their knowledge and resources to operate more successfully in the market together.

Technologies & Innovations

The use of modern technologies, especially digital platforms and apps, is an essential part of the sharing economy. These technologies make it possible to efficiently connect supply and demand and ensure transparency and security of transactions. Technology providers related to financial topics are commonly described as FinTech. Some of the most innovative industry players are credited with the ability to develop disruptive business models. In the area of social trading, for example, this is the case, as private investors are given the opportunity to participate in developments that were previously reserved primarily for institutional investors or for which the barriers to entry would have been too high.

ayondo - Social Investment Community

ayondo is closely associated with the social networking sector. Since 2008, the brand has been associated with innovative solutions in the field of private finance. Among other things, ayondo has a highly innovative and proprietary marketplace technology that allows trading signals published by strategy developers to be shared with the investment community via various media. The trades underlying each strategy can be followed in a variety of ways.

Social ecosystems are not static constructs, but continuously evolve. The impetus for this comes from the community itself as needs and wants grow. The process of change does not stop at social investment either. ayondo puts the expertise it has gained over the years at the service and expansion of the network that forms the foundation of the social investment community.

Already today, the scope of freely accessible solutions is diverse. The range extends from an extensive information offer, over the switching of knowledge contents up to the supply of helpful tools. On the developer roadmap are further highly innovative product lines that can be used by the members of the network in the future.

ayondo is investing significantly in the expansion of the network. In order to achieve the highest possible utility value, strategic partnerships are being established in which developments are jointly driven forward that pay off for users.