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ayondo Lab Project

This new feature is a functionality that has its origins in the trading community. As with other tools, the needs of the investment community motivate us not only to observe innovations from the sidelines, but to analyse the processes and, if it means added value for the users, to transform them into an application.

With new technologies, it is not always possible to predict which way they will go. As a FinTech, it is our DNA to always face new challenges and to help shape new developments. While elsewhere we are increasingly focusing on support tools for investors, our innovation team has dedicated itself to the popular topic of artificial intelligence.

Even if the developments and possible applications of artificial intelligence cannot yet be fully assessed, it is obvious that it is a gamechanger technology. The tool presented here is a lab project and has an experimental character. Anyone using it interacts directly with the algorithms underlying Chat GPT.

There is no quality assurance of the output information. Please take this information into account and do not draw any conclusions from the data material presented by the AI. Before further use, we recommend consulting at least one other source for verification.

The module is in an early beta phase. It can be used and extensively tested. The range of functions will be expanded successively. We are happy to receive further feedback and suggestions.