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The calculation tool (currently still in beta) provided here can be used to visualize various relationships and simulate the effects using different calculation approaches. A large number of parameters can be individualized. As with the Risk of Ruin Simulator, sample calculations are provided to help users familiarize themselves with the underlying material quickly and on their own.
The calculation tool provided here is for illustration and information purposes. You can make adjustments independently and determine results based on the key figures you have defined.

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While the calculator on the left can be used for individualised simulations, the sample calculations allow you to quickly familiarise yourself with the material using predefined example calculations. Simply select the appropriate option and let the calculator process the data. In the result box on the left, you can compare the result with the initial data. With this information and a little research of your own, you can understand the relationships and dependencies of the various parameters.

ayondo Lab Project
The tool presented here is the result of an internal development project that originated in the social trading community. The idea for implementation came from a user. The ayondo innovation team selected the proposal because it offers a particularly high utility and information value, especially for newcomers to the subject. The module is currently still in the beta phase. It can be used and extensively tested. The range of functions will be expanded successively. We are also happy to receive further feedback and suggestions.