The ayondo broker comparison
ayondo and the information portal Due Diligence Hub have jointly developed a matrix that is unique and creates the possibility to evaluate the performance of a/your broker with very simple means.

And this is more important than ever, because real differentiators in the sense of USPs are hard to identify. Almost everything relies on marketing slogans to convince potential prospects that the 400th Metatrader broker is the one offering the ultimate best conditions.

Worth considering...

Are you dissatisfied with your current financial services provider, looking for alternatives or ways to improve your trading results?

If you have already dealt with such or similar issues, it may be time to take the next logical step. But before you start thinking more intensively about a change, you should consider what would be of particular importance to you when entering into a new customer relationship. Are you perhaps bothered by the fact that your current financial services provider is based in Cyprus or Malta, that customer service doesn't speak your language, that the choice of trading options is limited....

The agony of choice is often not really easy. On the other hand, it is only up to you whether you are perceived and appreciated as a customer in the way you deserve.

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