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The Newsboard is based on a service of the stock exchange operator Deutsche Börse AG, which provides investors with company-relevant information. In particular, it deals with events that may be relevant to the listing of companies or tradable financial instruments.

The publications relate to new admissions to trading on the stock exchanges, trading interruptions, delistings, price suspensions or delistings. Shares, bonds, certificates and warrants are recorded. The X-Billboard portfolio is supplemented by a further service. You can find it here.

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The X-Feed shows important news about listed companies in the style of a short news service. This is not editorial content. The focus is on information about the tradability status of a listed financial instrument. The news is kept compact and reduced to the essentials. You are welcome to use the search function or the available filters to carry out further research quickly and conveniently.
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Grieg Seafood ASA
GICS: 30202030 · Sector: - · Sub-Sector: -
Grieg Seafood ASA
Tue, 18.06.2024       Grieg Seafood

Das Instrument GR8 NO0010365521 GRIEG SEAFOOD ASA NK 4 EQUITY wird cum Dividende/Zinsen gehandelt am 19.06.2024 und ex Dividende/Zinsen am 20.06.2024 The instrument GR8 NO0010365521 GRIEG SEAFOOD ASA NK 4 EQUITY has its pre-dividend/interest day on 19.06.2024 and its ex-dividend/interest day on 20.06.2024

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