Research, price information & chart analysis

In this section, we provide users of our information portal with a further, now very extensive option for carrying out research and analyses on listed companies. The module offers a wide range of setting options as well as a number of useful additional features that make your work easier when analyzing companies. You also save valuable time, as further information is just a click away.

The intelligent search function allows you to search by WKN, ISIN, symbol or the name of the company. The database is constantly being expanded. If you would like to refer to a specific chart, you are welcome to use the short URL provided. With one click you can copy it to the clipboard and link it via e-mail or social media. The integrated AI provides you with further information on the individual companies. Simply click on the small OpenAI symbol and wait for the result of the AI analysis. Tip: Switch to the *Advanced version* to display the professional view of the charting.

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You are familiar with this from shopping platforms such as, for example, where users are shown who has purchased or shown an interest in items similar to the search query. Following this approach, in this section we present a selection of companies that have been particularly popular with the community in the last 24 hours.
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