Short selling statistics US stock markets

This area focuses on the exciting topic of short selling activities. It currently processes data from US stock exchanges and all major trading centers based in Europe. Other regions will follow.

Functional elements are integrated into the individual views that allow you to quickly and conveniently switch to other areas of the information on offer. If you are interested in a specific value, you can use our AI integration to create a profile that provides a wide range of company-specific data. The advantage for you: time-consuming research is a thing of the past. At the touch of a button, you are presented with everything you need in a compact format. If you are more interested in chart or technical analysis, you will also find what you are looking for. In the Analyses & Research section, you have even more options for free use.

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This overview shows short positions of companies traded on US stock exchanges. The coverage includes NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX as well as stocks listed on the OTC Bulletin Board. The tracker provides a snapshot of the aggregated position at the respective reporting cut of the previous trading day. The development of short sales can be called up visually as a chart via the corresponding function element (to the right of the ISIN column). If the price development of a company can be replicated via contracts for difference, you will find this information in the CFD column. If the function element is activated, you can jump directly to the virtual trading environment from there.
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The information on short interest and the number of shares sold short is given in units of 1,000 (k = 1,000, m = million, b = trillion). The value unit is shown in US dollars. For all US stocks, a graphical representation is also available in the Research section, which visualizes the development of short positions.

The last available price is used as a reference indicator to calculate the short interest. The view is updated once a day. Despite careful preparation and processing of the data, tracking errors or data anomalies cannot be ruled out. This is a lab feature in beta status.