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At the end of the questionnaire, participants in the survey will be given the opportunity to receive up to three services free of charge as a gift and small thank you. These are information services that can be obtained for a fee in a regular subscription. The benefits are made possible by Investment Trends or its partners. You do not enter into any obligations in this regard. ayondo itself only provides the information about this and the opportunity to participate in the survey.

Investment Trends appreciates your interest

By participating in the Investment Trends Survey, you will have the opportunity to share your opinion on various current issues on topics such as the stock market, investment and trading. Your feedback is processed together with that of all other participants in a professional manner and according to the latest scientific knowledge in order to derive important insights. The results flow into the product development cycle and thus benefit all persons interested in financial topics.

As you may have seen in the recent invitation to the survey, the Australian market research institute is thanking all participants with a small thank-you consisting of three stock market information services, which are made available for use free of charge and without obligation.

TRADERS‘ Magazine

Trader's Mag is often referred to in informed circles as the must-read for traders with an affinity for the stock market. So it stood to reason that a three-month subscription would be a welcome attention-getter for the target group addressed by Investment Trends.

As an addition to the Trader's Mag subscription, there are the stock market information services 'Fast Break' and 'Stock of the Week'.

For the conditions of participation and further information, for example on the subscription period or data protection information of Investment Trends, please refer to the invitation sent to you, which you will find in your e-mail box or which we have published online for you.

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