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ayondo' is part of the brand portfolio of RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH, which operates the website. We are pleased that you are interested in us and our commitments.

As a project development company, we accompany founders from the concept idea, through proof-of-concepts and support the development of start-ups to the IPO.

As advisors, we are called in by venture capital companies for M&A transactions prior to financial commitments when it comes to topics such as due diligence and the valuation of assets. Through our expertise, network, operational experience in all areas of the financial sector, both institutional and retail, we have information that is usually only available to insiders.

RSQ acquires and manages trademark, IP and other licensing rights in the ordinary course of business. The IP and technology portfolio includes well-known brands such as those of ayondo.

RSQ owns the asset portfolio associated with the ayondo® brand. With the acquisition of the rights, a strategic restructuring process was initiated that takes advantage of the unique selling propositions of the ayondo technology ecosystem in order to provide the 'social trading' business model with a new vision, realign it and develop it further together with its service providers. RSQ is playing a key role in shaping this process. It is supported by leading minds from all sectors of the economy.

An essential pillar of the realignment and beneficiary of future developments will be in particular the users who have had to do without the services since the BREXIT. We welcome new clients as well as those who have always toyed with the idea of using an alternative.

Investors who share our mindset and our visions and who want to participate in the exciting continuation of a success story that has not yet been told to the end, are given the opportunity to do so. You will not only be making the right decision, but you will also be meeting entrepreneurs who know their trade like few others.

Please feel free to contact us, if you consider this or other RSQ projects as a promising diversification of your investment portfolio.

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