OAuth & Social Sign-on

Identity controls are an important factor in developing sound security practices for your organisation. Social logins (also social sign-on) are a form of single sign-on and are based on OAuth technology. They are offered by all major network portals and are considered a convenient and secure way to quickly and easily register for new services.

For further information, we recommend to have a brief look at Wikipedia.

Social logins

Social logins (also social sign-on) are a form of single sign-on, or SSO for short. The services represent an important building block in the value chain of the Internet. They enable low-threshold access for users to third-party services by eliminating the need for further identification. These alternative login processes are offered and used where registration would normally be required. SSO replaces this almost completely and instead of filling out forms, the process can be reduced to a few clicks. As a rule, you do not even need a keyboard.

Visitors to a website who are thinking about applying for a user account do not have to think about a user name or a password. Because of the speed, the easy-to-understand sequence of steps and the fact that you are using a medium that you have already trusted through the use of other forms of communication (Google, Apple, Twitter...), this makes it popular.

The most well-known SSO providers are Google, LinkedIn, Facebook/meta, Apple, Twitter Amazon and netID.

If you choose one of the social logins provided at ayondo, a technical process is initiated in which you explicitly confirm the login or registration process via an authorisation dialogue. The process itself only takes a few moments and you are then registered on the platform.

We recommend that all users read the privacy notice ("DSHW") in advance. You will find this as a link directly in the login dialogue. In the DSHW we provide you with further information. As usual, you can be sure that we only collect the data that is necessary for the provision of services. You yourself always have a choice.

If you prefer to take the classic route via an input form, this is of course also available to you.

Please note that we only create user accounts for one email address.

For users who have created a user account by e-mail, this is the only way to log in.

Another note for all users who have a user account with ayondo but cannot remember either the e-mail or the user name they gave themselves should contact customer service with confidence. We check the identity details carefully and try to help you quickly. If you do not want to wait, you can create a new user account at any time.

Which social networks are available for the social login SSO?

ID Brand Provider Network Operator Privacy Further info
1 Linkedin Career Microsoft Link -
2 Apple Global - - -
3 Google Global - - -
4 Microsoft Global - - -
5 meta/Facebook Community - - -
6 Twitter Short Messages - - -

Is it possible for me to cancel the authorisation I previously gave?

This is possible without any problems. All you have to do is go to the settings of your user account at the respective social network and revoke the approval there. The process is described using LinkedIn as an example.