AI Composite *lite*

The AI Composite *lite* shows five listed companies, each of which could develop into an exciting investment story or have already gained momentum. An AI-supported market scanner filters the top 100 from a pool of many thousands of companies, an excerpt of which is presented here every week. The evaluation includes, among others:
Market momentum, performance, trading volume, sentiment
Information density in social media, community mood

Increase in general reporting, directors' dealings, 
short seller activities, analyst ratings

Weighted alpha as a verifying quality feature
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Dashboard AI Composite

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The companies presented in this dashboard were determined from a pool of several thousand companies based on a parameter framework and taking into account fundamental data, technical and trend-induced indicators. The selection is algorithm-driven and fully automated.

Further research and analysis can be carried out if you are interested. Simply click on the link provided on the respective chart card and you will be forwarded directly. Save yourself valuable research time by using the [AI]-Connect in the tool to obtain information on the respective company.


This content is for information purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or an offer to buy or sell securities, derivatives or other financial instruments. Applications in which AI or language models have been integrated are generally experimental applications. Please note the following further information.

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