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Most recent update: 20.04.2024

Integration solutions based on artificial intelligence were already included in the developer roadmap in 2022. At an early stage, the focus was primarily on AI-based support services. In the meantime, ayondo is developing standalone applications and GPTs.

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AI First means that for all new and further technological developments, an assessment is made at an early stage of the product development cycle as to whether an application, service or process can be enhanced by incorporating the possibilities offered by AI. We have compiled further information for you here.

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As in the area of financial market regulation, we are open to all regulatory developments in the area of new technologies. The EU's approach to artificial intelligence focuses on excellence and trust to strengthen research and industrial capacity while ensuring security and fundamental rights. We support this approach. An AI-specific compliance process is already in place today, which takes effect as early as the design phase.

1 https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20230601STO93804/eu-ai-act-first-regulation-on-artificial-intelligence

2 https://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/BRIE/2021/698792/EPRS_BRI(2021)698792_EN.pdf

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Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology that is currently still at an early stage and it is not yet possible to determine exactly in which areas it will play to its strengths. The pace of development is rapid and obliges every technology company to take a critical look at all facets. Due to the massive surge in innovation, driven not least by the global developer community, it will still take a while before the applications that will change the world of tomorrow emerge from experimental concept ideas. 

There are limitations of a general nature. We have compiled some information for users in the consumer information section.

There are restrictions at a technical level. For example, precautions have been taken to protect the applications from misuse. Anyone considering more frequent use can access the solutions offered more frequently and more extensively by creating a user account. 

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More and more views are relying on AI-based support. For example, if you see the OpenAI logo, technical solutions from this company are part of the integration. Wherever a button with the word [AI] is placed, an AI-induced process can be initiated from there.

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Almost every month, new applications are made available to the community for use. Every second one of these has at least one point of contact with AI. The following overview only shows a small section where interested visitors can get a first impression.

  • Research & Analyses (link)
  • Short Selling Radar (link)
  • Newswire (Link)
  • Directors Dealings (Link)
  • MQL Code Wizard & Library (Link)
  • Knowledge Base (Link)
  • IAB Stream (Link)


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