Open Algo Activity Book

The Open Algo Activity Book allows a first insight into the new generation of social trading technology. If interested, the functionality as well as the results of the algorithm-induced trading systems can be traced via the feed streamer.

For members of the social trading community who are familiar with the service offering, we would like to point out that ayondo auto-execution, i.e. the subscription to trading strategies and automated conversion into trades, will be offered at the earliest with the introduction of the new generation of the social trading platform.

Signal providers, trading system developers or quants can already register for the early stage phase today. All that is required is a successful registration with ayondo and a link to a trading account with our partner ActivTrades. Contact us if you would like to receive further information


The stream shows an early bird version of a broadcaster that generates algorithm-driven signals and tracks them in a newsfeed. It is a component of the social trading technology developed by ayondo, which is being worked on.

Pre-registration for Beta-Phase II
(Note: former ayonde signal providers can get a wildcard)


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Important note:

The information published in the stream is about trading systems that have been specifically selected or developed to accompany the closed beta phase. The content published in the stream is for demonstration purposes only.

The algorithms generate long and short signals. Financial derivatives such as contracts for difference (CFD) or futures qualify for implementation. Signals are generated for different asset classes. The underlying assets mapped via the derivatives are CFDs on shares, commodities, ETFs, precious metals or indices, whose price position can be tracked on the reference market.

If you are interested in our range of information and services, familiarize yourself in advance with products, trading platforms and especially the risks! If you are new to trading contracts for difference, we would recommend our Campus - the section on education and training topics - as a place to start