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In this overview, you can view statements addressed by community users as a prompt to the MQL-AI wizard as well as its output.


# AI instruction / parameter set Snippet Date
1 create mq4 macd with 4 colors 21st April 2024
2 give me a part of mql4 code that uses "double MM_Size()", appliying a martingale logic (with increase lot factor) that restart after profit, this condition apply regardless of if the trade is a buy or sell. However, trades that are sent while there is an active trade running should be sent matching the lot size of the runner 20th April 2024
3 london session 19th April 2024
4 please write this forex trading robot in mql4 standard code language in the name of 2BS-5Pips-2Sides-2PBPS-FullTrader-Trailing10pips-V8for below conditions:definitions:attach expert to these pairs first : "USDCHF,GBPUSD,EURUSD,AUDUSD,EURGBP,EURAUD,EURCHF,GBPCHF,AUDNZD,AUDCAD,AUDCHF,EURNZD,EURCAD,CADCHF,NZDUSD,GBPAUD,GBPCAD,NZDCHF,GBPNZD,NZDCAD";c0=present candlec1=previous candlec2=2previous candlevolumesize=0.01 lot for all tradessl=50 pips for all tradestp=50 pips for all trades 1-when robot activates for the firt time do a buy and a sell in the current price. 2-put 2 pending orders (buy and sell) at the distance of 5 pips above and below the current price.(ask for buy and bid for sell). 3-when a pending order is executed , delete the other one and put 2 new pending orders (buy and sell) at the distance of 5 pips above and below the current price(ask for buy and bid for sell). 4-repeat this routin.***important=make sure this code will trade functionally and be allowable for trading in properties are these and must be in input page: robot name = 2BS-5Pips-2Sides-2PBPS-FullTrader-Trailing10pips-V8 input double lotsize = 0.01; input int stop_loss = 50; input int take_profit = 50; input int robot_id = 6602017; input string currency_pairs = "USDCHF,GBPUSD,EURUSD,AUDUSD,EURGBP,EURAUD,EURCHF,GBPCHF,AUDNZD,AUDCAD, AUDCHF,EURNZD,EURCAD,CADCHF,NZDUSD,GBPAUD,GBPCAD,NZDCHF,GBPNZD,NZDCAD"; 19th April 2024
5 Write an indicator for Meta Trader 4 by the following specs:The indicator is an RSI indicator with the following extra features:1- Once the price reaches 70, the indicator will play an alert sound2- Once the price reaches 30, the indicator will play an alert sound3- I can choose the alert sound file4- The alert will play once per candel for the current candel5- I can switch off the alerts for 70 and 30 18th April 2024
6 Variables:1. Lot Multiplier = True2. Lot Multiplicator = 1.2363. Trade On Friday = True4. Trading Hours = Start End Hours5. Open Hours = 00:006. Close Hours = 23:007. Risk Percent = 158. TP = Take Profit in Points9. Take Profit = 50010. Maximum Number of Trades = 10011. Magic Number = [Insert your desired value]12. Comments = Mukhlis TA Pro13. Trailing Stop Setting = true14. Trailing Start = 3515. Trailing Stop = 2016. Filter News = true17. InpFFCall = true18. InpMinBeforeNews = 1519. InpMinAfterNews = 1020. Distance Between Orders = Next Trade21. Step = 12022. Initial Lot = 0.01 18th April 2024
7 I have an EA that’s halfway coded that I need to modify. Can I paste you the code and you can continue it 18th April 2024
8 open order time 17th April 2024
9 make an ea that automatically closes trades for buys if price closes below the candle the trades were placed on and automatically close trades for sells if price closes above the candle the trades were placed on 17th April 2024
10 Multi currency hedge and grid system 16th April 2024
11 identify liquidity zone 16th April 2024
12 Can you create an "Trade Manager" which calculate the lot size by the risk pips and the risk money in MQL5 16th April 2024
13 Moving Averages (MA):Two moving averages are calculated: a short-period MA and a long-period MA.The short-period MA is typically faster to react to price changes, while the long-period MA is smoother and slower to react.Relative Strength Index (RSI):The RSI is calculated to assess whether an asset is overbought or oversold.A value above 70 indicates overbought conditions, while a value below 30 indicates oversold conditions.Stochastic Oscillator:The stochastic oscillator is used to identify potential trend reversals.It consists of two lines: %K and %D. A crossover of these lines can signal a potential change in trend direction.High-Impact News Events:The code includes functionality to check for high-impact news events related to the USD currency.If a high-impact news event is detected, it prints a message to notify the trader.Pre-Alert for Potential Trade Signal:A pre-alert function is implemented to signal potential trade opportunities.When a potential trade signal is detected, it prints a message to notify the trader to check for confirmation.The specific conditions for entering a trade are not specified in the provided code and need to be added based on your trading strategy.Chart Plotting:Arrows can be plotted on the chart to visually indicate potential trade signals.Arrows can be customized based on the direction of the trade signal (up for bullish, down for bearish). 16th April 2024
14 using alligator indicator, generate a custom indicator, who calculate, derivs and integrals for the measure of trend, area, pendant of each line of alligator line 16th April 2024
15 give me simple grid startegy 14th April 2024
16 breaker block bot 14th April 2024
17 How do you test for missing bars in mql4? 14th April 2024
18 Can you program in mql4? 14th April 2024
19 I need to turn mt4 indicator into expert advisor 13th April 2024
20 write mql4 code that uses atr as stop loss, equity and risk percent and stop loss for lot calculation 13th April 2024

This module is another development of the ayondo Lab. The application has an experimental character. It is a version in an early beta variant. New versions will be rolled out shortly. We explicitly refer to the further notes on the use of artificial intelligence. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the disclaimer, which you should note before using it. Should you use the tool, you do so at your own risk.

The module is provided for free and independent use, subject to the above disclaimer. It primarily serves demonstration purposes. On the one hand, to show what AI-enriched process flows are already capable of today. On the other hand, the community is to be motivated to extensively test the actual performance, in particular, to identify weak points and susceptibility to errors.

We put our developments at the service of the global trading community. Due to the rapid growth of this technology field, we assume that it is not immune to misappropriation. We try to live up to our responsibility and only use technology when we believe it is associated with added value for the user. Because AI is uncharted territory, we follow all developments very closely. Whether you use our tools or those of other providers, we recommend that you look into the providers' motivation of the respective services before using AI-supported processes. Under no circumstances adopt AI output be without quality assurance. This also applies to the tools we provide.

For program codes, such as so-called Expert Advisors, which supposedly rely on AI-driven processes, we can confirm through the experience of diverse test series that these cannot be classified in the Holy Grail category. Before purchasing a program code ("EA"), test it thoroughly. Be fundamentally cautious about over-optimized performance claims!

If you are interested in further developing this and other applications, please feel free to send us your suggestions and ideas. Should you generate program code via the MQL AI Wizard, feel free to share the results generated via it with us or the social trading community. Via the provided support forum (registration required) you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and share your experiences.

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