Pinescript AI

Pine Script is the programming language that makes it possible to develop indicators, strategies and alerts for one of the most popular technical analysis applications among traders and investors - TradingView. Pine Script has a wide range of features that allow you to create, customize or optimize technical analysis tools to suit your specific trading needs and strategies.

User-friendliness: Syntax is simple and uncomplicated - Easy to learn and use without programming knowledge
Integration with TradingView: Designed specifically for TradingView - Enables seamless integration with available data and tools
Focus on technical analysis: development of complex indicators and trading strategies possible
Adaptability: High flexibility in the development of indicators and strategies, taking into account individual trading styles and market conditions
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Are you already familiar with our MQL AI Wizard? You are also welcome to visit the constantly growing MQL-AI code library.
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Pine Script AI Wizard

The Pine Script AI Wizard is another tool in the ayondo Lab series that complements the catalog of versatile applications. Like many of the helpers developed in the past, the AI Wizard has its origins in the trading community. Anyone familiar with the MQL Wizard will know that two technologies have been combined here for the benefit of users.
The wizard offers various options. You can have the wizard create application examples, analyze your own program code and interact directly with the wizard. In the library you will find selected code snippets which can be used to get a first impression of what the wizard can do or where it may still be fallible due to its novelty.

A few tips in advance

  1. Before you assign a task to the wizard, select the appropriate category first.
  2. AI i/o: The result that is provided to you via the wizard depends largely on the formulation of the task. Before you send a prompt, check whether you would be able to answer something yourself if you had been asked this question by a third party.

A note on your own behalf: If you would like to use this and other tools more frequently, we recommend that you become a member of the community. Registration is free and you get access to a wide range of additional features.

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