Corporate Communications
ayondo is deeply rooted in digital ecosystems. Customer relationships are created almost exclusively electronically and accompany them throughout the entire lifecycle of the business relationship. They only end when, for example, a contractual relationship is terminated by the user through a corresponding action. In order to properly fulfill the requirements and obligations of a service relationship, it is necessary to create the conditions that ensure functioning communication between the contracting parties.

For transparency reasons in particular, we are concerned to disclose the context in which we send information to you. With the facts communicated by us, we strive to create a balance of information that is valuable to you on the one hand and necessary on the other.

Let us know if you think this would not be the case. The same applies to processes that you think should be optimized. If you are bothered by what may be an unsolicited message, please bear with us. If you get in contact with us, we can better understand where the challenge lies in order to provide you with even better service.

Newsletter management

If you have subscribed to one of our newsletters and no longer wish to receive it, you have several options to unsubscribe from the distribution list. The easiest way is usually to use the 'Unsubscribe' link at the end of a newsletter, which offers exactly this function. With one click and a further confirmation your newsletter subscription will be set to inactive and you will not receive any further info mails from us or our partners.

If you do not find the above option, you can initiate the same process from here. For this purpose, we provide you with an additional function below. You can also use this if you are not sure whether you still have an active subscription or not. The aforementioned function will also allow you to update your contact address if you wish to continue receiving our news.

Please note that there are different types of news. So not all e-mails are the same. In principle, a distinction is made between three typical types. The following overview explains what they are:

Type of email Sent to recipient Cost medium Shipping interval Sign-off Y/N
ayondo newsflash People who have signed up to an info newsletter to receive product information, general news, promotions and similar topics. The ayondo newsflash is the newsletter to which you can subscribe here. Everyone who has signed up via the newsletter registration process via optin procedure. Free of charge Email occasionally Unsubscription is possible at any time.
Partner newsletter About ayondo you have the opportunity to obtain selected news services from third parties. As a rule, these are offers from cooperation partners of which we are convinced that they can represent an added value for you. If you are interested in one of the additional offers, you enter into a business relationship with the respective cooperation partner. Everyone who has signed up via the partner company's newsletter registration process via optin procedure. Free of charge Email occasion-related Unsubscription is possible at any time at the partner company.
Transactional notifications These are electronic messages that are part of a process flow, which generates, among other things, event-related messages and sends them to a predefined group of recipients or recipients. Transactional' means in this constellation that the message has an informal character or that an interaction must take place in order to be able to process the next process step correctly. Such e-mails you know, for example, from registration processes, where you are given to click a confirmation link for verification. As a rule, always directly linked to a business transaction Free of charge Email Event-related No
Person-related updates Customers or users are in a contractual relationship with a service provider. An essential element of a business relationship is the communication between service provider and user. In digital business models, where information is almost invariably exchanged electronically, it is necessary, and in some cases defined by legal requirements, to contact customers at certain intervals. This may be necessary, for example, to confirm the timeliness of the data deposited at the establishment of the business relationship. Registered users, based on the terms of the agreement reached Free of charge Email Event-related No
Service-related updates Registered users and customers must be contacted by law in certain constellations, for example as a result of or in view of future legal changes. As your contractual partner, we will inform you of the content of the changes and clarify the possible consequences. Registered users, based on the terms of the agreement reached Free of charge Email Event-related No
System updates When deemed appropriate by a particular criticality, users will be notified in a timely manner of required system updates, new software releases, or enhancements to certain functionality. These are not promotional messages, but only information that has relevance to business processes. Registered users, based on the terms of the agreement reached Free of charge Email Event-related No
System messages/alarms If certain systems cannot be reached or can only be reached with a delay, so-called alerts can be generated and sent fully automatically when certain threshold values are reached. The messages usually have a purely informative character and are intended to ensure that early knowledge of any technical limitations is obtained. Registered users, based on the terms of the agreement reached Free of charge Email Event-related No
What types of newsletters are offered?

Currently we send info mails on company relevant as well as service specific topics

What added value is offered to subscribers via the information

We usually provide information about current topics such as products, services, promotions, dates - everything about finance with a focus on stock market trading, trading and investments. We introduce innovations and give you insights into our product development cycle earlier than others. First come first server can also be crucial when it comes to closed beta developments, for example, where we invite community members to test new features before the official launch.

In which languages are the newsletters available?

The ayondo Newsflash is currently available in German and English.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

You can request the newsletter subscription here.

Will I be educated or informed about privacy?

Yes. You can find all essential information on this in the privacy policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our data protection officer at

Is news also sent via messengers such as Whatsapp?

This functionality is currently being worked on. Information on the status can be found in the Lab

I recently received a newsletter. It has been a while since the last one. Am I just receiving electronic mail irregularly or is it a technical problem?

ayondo has sent out newsletters in the recent past exclusively on an occasion basis. The most recent info is from mid-January 2023, where we informed about participation in the Investment Trends Survey 2023. As we expand our education section, we plan to send out more regularly.

I have received an unsolicited message from ayondo. Who can I contact for clarification of the matter?

Such and similar constellations have top priority for us. We do not want to bother you with issues that do not coincide with your interests. In order to be able to check the way the message sent to you was sent, we ask you to contact us with a brief description of the issue. We will look into the matter and if a faulty process can be identified as the cause, it will be fixed immediately.

I am being contacted by ayondo even though I believe I have already unsubscribed from the news distribution list or from receiving special news

Despite extensive precautionary measures, it is unfortunately not always possible that the electronic systems in use always work 100%. With a few exceptions, this is also the case, but errors cannot be completely ruled out. If such an incident occurs, we will check it as soon as we become aware of it and correct the error.

I receive messages from a sender address that contains information that only ayondo should know

You can rest assured, no personal data was stolen or misappropriated here. BUX Markets (, "BUX") is the financial services provider that ayondo worked with until the BREXIT. Users of the services offered through know the company as Gekkomarkets ("GEKKO") that was later renamed ayondo markets("AML") as part of the implementation ayondo-1 brand strategy. In June 2019, the London-based sister company was acquired by Holland-based BUX B.V. and later renamed BUX Markets. Background information on the financial services provider can be found in the commercial register or the regulator responsible for BUX (UK), the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA").

Signal providers, followers as well as traders and investors who have registered for a trading account with Gekko or ayondo markets via the website of and still maintain such accounts there, BUX as the responsible financial services provider is obliged to provide you with information on certain account or business relationship-relevant facts. However, promotional information would not be included in the scope of the authorization, as this was not the subject of the contractual setup at the time.