Advanced Constituents Dashboard ('ACD')

From this dashboard view, interested parties can quickly and conveniently access the composition of stock indices and other popular benchmarks. The overviews offer a wide range of research options, from technical analysis to the creation of AI-induced company profiles.
Are you interested in historical time series, all-time highs and other unusual statistics? You're sure to find what you're looking for here.

Company news, directors' dealings, ratings or short-selling statistics - you can find it all here.

Indizes & Co.

If you are interested in the composition of share indices, you have arrived at your destination. In fact, you are just a mouse click away from the overview, which lists the companies included in the respective index basket. Various searches can be carried out for the individual stocks.
The view is organised by country or region. Extensions are already on the developer roadmap. Feel free to check back here often. Alternatively, you can also access the Whats New section, subscribe to the news service or call up news in your user account.

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Many useful information for German Smallcaps you get from here.
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