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This overview shows you which underlying assets can be traded as contracts for difference. Depending on which asset classes, markets or underlyings your investment strategies relate to, you can quickly and easily make a preselection. The powerful search function helps you to find the company you are looking for.
The overviews are designed in such a way that they offer you a wide range of options for carrying out detailed research before making an investment decision. Access to the virtual trading platform is particularly convenient. If you are interested in a particular security, you can access the trading platform at the click of a mouse and test all functions extensively with virtual capital, at your leisure and without risk. If you like the offer, we would be delighted if you would use the service more often.

In this overview, we provide you with information on companies that have recently been activated for trading on the CFD trading platform. If you are interested in a particular security and cannot find it in any of the listings, you can submit a suggestion using this form.

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The information provided here relates to listed companies, share indices, currencies and commodities that serve as reference values for contracts for difference (CFDs). The product characteristics of a CFD are such that it tracks the performance of the respective underlying almost identically. Depending on the trading approach, it is possible to participate in negative price movements ("short") as well as in upward movements ("long"). A multiplier can be applied to the tradable instruments, ranging from 1 (no leverage effect) to - depending on the product category - 20. Individualization of position sizes is also possible via mini-contracts and fractionals. Regardless of the transparent pricing, traceability and comparability, the offer is aimed more at a more experienced clientele.

If price indications are shown, these are prices close to the market. If you use the price information, we would like to point out that it is not displayed in real time, but with a 15-minute delay.

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