Hedge Fund Activity Tracker

The net short selling positions ("NSP") recorded in the Short Selling Radar ("SSR") are statistically processed in this overview. From the presentation, an indication can be derived as to which short sellers are particularly active and over which countries the respective exposure is distributed. If you are interested in the weighting of NSPs as well as further statistics, we can recommend this overview here.

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The content compiled in this section and all subviews are for general information. It is not an investment or other form of advice. The information has been prepared with great care and accuracy. The statistics are updated. The update usually takes place in the course of an end-of-day processing. ayondo does not guarantee the quality and timeliness of the content presented or a permanent technical availability.

Further notes:

The statistics also capture net short positions <0.5%. If you switch to the detailed views, please note that by default the filter >0.50% is applied. Should you wish to view all positions, you can do so by switching the filter function.

If on the part of the reporting offices different designations are used for the companies that hold short positions, these are listed separately.